Watch and Learn How to Transfer an Image to A Candle….Makes a Great Mother’s Day Gift!

Please join us on March 30 for a demo on this transfer process.   Draw your designs on tissue paper and with the use of wax paper and a heat gun (even your hair dryer) you can put the picture on a candle!    Great project for families to do together for special events and holidays. Have your little one draw a special message for Mom and make a great Mother’s Day gift!

HOW TO TRANSFER INK TO CANDLE…..Try it it’s really quite simple!


Here’s what you’ll need:

-White or Ivory Pillar Candles work best
-Tissue Paper
-Copy/Printer Paper
-Markers/Sharpie Markers work great
-Wax Paper
-Heat Gun

Here’s How You Do It:

1. Cut piece of tissue paper a little smaller than size of the candle (or smaller if you want the image to be smaller).

2. Tape tissue paper to copy paper (markers will bleed through tissue paper – this will protect your table).

3. Have your little artist draw their creation using markers/Sharpies.

4. Remove tissue paper from copy paper. Cut out & trim design as close as possible to the drawing. Remove as much excess tissue paper as possible.

5. ADULT INTERATION: Get piece of wax paper that is larger than your candle. Pull it tight around the candle and use your heat gut to melt your design into the candle. Hold heat gun 3-4″ from the candle and move in a back and forth motion. Be careful of your fingers, the heat gut will be HOT!

6. Once you have heated the design, peel back the wax paper and make sure the design has adhered to the candle. If not, just repeat with the wax paper and heat gun.

SUGGESTION:  You can use images (digital pics, images from computer, etc) to transfer to the tissue paper.  Carefully tape a piece of tissue paper to CARD STOCK paper (make sure all wrinkles are out of tissue paper) – I made tissue paper longer than the CARD STOCK paper and taped to the back side.  Also taped the sides.

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