Beads & Jewelry Making

Beading & Jewlery Making

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7 Strand Wire is composed of 7 tiny strands of wire coated in nylon. When I first started beading, I exclusively used 7 strand wire for two reasons. First of all, it is very economically priced. Secondly, it comes in fun colors so it is great for illusion necklaces or any other jewelry creations where your wire will be exposed. It is stronger than Tiger Tail (which is what you may find at local craft and hobby stores) and it is pretty flexible. This wire is perfect for beginners or for simple beaded projects that are relatively lightweight.

19 Strand Wire is made of 19 tiny strands of wire coated in nylon. The thing I love about 19 strand wire is that, while it is stronger than 7 strand wire, it also tends to be more flexible. I use 19 strand wire for every beading project that involves seed beads, as well as for any beaded jewelry designs that require weaving or passing through the same bead more than once. This wire is the perfect combination of flexibility and strength—and the price is reasonable, too!

49 Strand Wire is made of 49 tiny strands of wire coated in nylon. This is the wire the pros use. The most expensive of the Beadalon wires, it is also the most flexible and durable. It lays wonderfully and never kinks. It is strong enough to hold gemstones and will not be frayed by crystals or glass. This wire is great for just about any beading project you can imagine!


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